APPR Media Co., Ltd., Thailand's newest
public relations and event management
specialist , aims to provide both 'Bricks and
Mortar' and 'Click & Mortar' companies
from Thailand and the Asia Pacific region
with effective , measurable public relations
and event management services.

Staffed by experienced public relations
professionals , APPR Media Co., Ltd., is
capable of delivering public relations and
event management solutions for all
industries , particularly the IT sector. The
Agency's senior staff members , all of
whom have journalistic experience and
strong media contacts , have worked for
some of the best-known public relations
practitioners in Thailand. Individually they
have managed public relations accounts
for some of the world's leading technology

As the Southeast Asian region continues
to regain economic strength , increasing
numbers of local businesses are looking
to rebulid market share and presence in
Thailand and more and more overseas
companies are seeking to return to or
initiate first-time business in this country.